If you were thinking of a trip to Ladakh and you planned to do it completely by public transport, the following is the schedule of the bus service in Leh Ladakh in the year 2020. Many of the times remained unchanged from the previous year, but Bus frequency on some routes has increased this year. In addition to buses, the availability of shared taxis has also greatly increased in recent years. These taxis can be boarded from the Leh Bus bus stop and folded almost daily on all major tourist routes. So planning a trip for Leh Ladakh now by Bus and other modes of travel really became much easier.

Please note that the schedule below is only for buses traveling internally in Ladakh and it do not include information on buses to and from Ladakh. I covered this information in more detail in two other articles that I would ask you to take a look at. To get to Ladakh, you can travel by bus from Manali to Leh, which is provided by HRTC and HPTDC. Or you can travel by daily bus from Srinagar to Leh Ladakh. This service can be provided to reach the city of Leh and then for your trip back home. Click on the red links to take you to the two respective posts.


Bus service in Leh Ladakh in 2020

In case the above images are not clear or not loaded, the following is the same bus service schedule in Leh Ladakh. Some other important buses, such as Nubra, Pangong, Tso Moriri, Turtuk and Hanle, are not on the above schedule, but I have provided information on the ones below.

Bus from Leh to Skuru

Skuru is a small village located in the Nubra Valley, about 25 kilometers ahead of Hunder. There is a daily bus available from Leh that travels to Skuru by Rs. 263 per person. The bus leaves from Leh Bus Stand at 7:30 am. You can use this daily bus to travel to Khardung La, Sumur, Diskit, Hunder and virtually anywhere in the Nubra Valley. You can get off at Diskit and board a local bus or shared taxi from there to drive to Panamik or Turtuk. This is your daily Leh to Nubra Valley Bus.

Bus from Leh to Pangong (Spangmik)

There are two scheduled buses to Pangong Tso de Leh in one week, every Wednesday and Sunday at 6.30. The bus travels through Chang La and will drop you off at Spangmik village. The rate per person is Rs. 270. This bus travels back to Leh the next day and can be used for your return trip. Therefore, your bus schedules from Pangong Lake to Leh will be every Thursday and Monday at 07:00.

Bus service from Leh to Turtuk

A bus to Turtuk leaves Leh every Saturday at 6am. The rate per person is Rs. 316. This bus goes through Khardung La, Khardung, Khalsar, Diskit, Hunder and Thoise. If you have arrived in Khalsar, you can also use this bus to travel to Panamik. If you were already on Diskit, you can board this to go to Turtuk from there.


Leh to Tso Moriri by Bus

A bus to Tso Moriri leaves Leh on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month at 6.30am. The rate per person is Rs. 370. This bus has been running on this schedule for as long as I know. I don’t know why the authorities don’t increase the frequency of this bus. If it fits your itinerary and dates, you can travel on it. Otherwise you will have to take a shared taxi from the Leh Bus booth to Tso Moriri.

Bus from Leh to Hanle

There is a bus from Leh to Hanle every Saturday at 7am. This bus travels through Spangmik, Erath, Chushul and Nyoma. The rate per person is Rs. 492. You can also use this bus to travel to Pangong Lake.

Leh to Srinagar Bus Service

A bus to Srinagar leaves Leh every day at 2pm and travels nonstop to get to Srinagar the next morning. The rate per person is Rs. 1203. This bus travels Lamayuru, Kargil, Drass and Sonamarg. If you want to stop your trip in two days, you can board this bus, get off at Kargil and spend a day there. The next day you can board the same bus at night from Kargil and continue to Srinagar.

Leh to Manali Bus Service

There are actually three different types of buses available from Leh to Manali. Please read Leh to Manali Bus Service for a detailed description of this service. The same buses also travel to Keylong and then continue to Manali via Rohtang. This is one of the most used bus services in Leh Ladakh.

Bus service from Leh to Kargil

A bus leaves Leh every 14h every day and arrives in Kargil late in the evening. The fare per person is 604. In fact, it is the same bus that first arrives in Kargil and then continues to Srinagar.

Leh to Dah, Bheema, Hanu Village Bus

These villages are located on the Batalik route, ahead of Khalsi (or Khaltse). From Leh, take Srinagar Leh motorway and from Khaltse, continue straight onto Batalik instead of Lamayuru. A bus travels from Leh at 9am daily for this route. The fare is Rs. 266 per person to Dah Village. This is really a set of 5 villages, the other two being Sanit and Garkon. Dha and Dah are both in the same place, just written differently. Similarly, Bheema and Beema are also the same village.

Bus from Leh to Skurbuchan

Skurbuchan also falls on the same road, just before Dha Village. It is actually a part of the Sham Valley. You can travel here by daily bus starting at Leh at 10am. The rate per person is Rs. 202. You can also travel by 9am by bus to Dah Village, but you’ll have to go down the road and have to get to Skurbuchan somehow. Therefore, it is better to board the direct bus from 10am.


Leh to Damkhar Gongma Bus

Damkhar is also located on the same road to Batalik. It falls just before Skurbuchan. A bus leaves Leh every Monday and Thursday at 9:30 AM, which can drop you off at Damkhar for Rs. 215 per person. Damkhar and Domkhar are both from the same place.

Leh to Hanu Gongma Bus

Hanu is also located very close to the villages of Dah and Bheema. A bus travels here from Leh every Friday at 9am. The rate per person is Rs. 277

Bus from Leh to Lamayuru

A bus travels from Leh to Lamayuru every day at 15:00. The rate per person is Rs. 211. This bus returns from Lamayuru to Leh the following day early in the morning. So you can really use this as Leh for Lamayuru Bus too if you were going to Ladakh from Kargil.

Bus from Leh to Tia e Temisgam Village

Tia is another village slightly off the Srinagar Leh road in Khalsi district. Temisgam is also known as Tingmosgang. A bus travels to these villages of Leh at 13h in summer and at 12h in winter. The rate per person is Rs. 155

Bus from Leh to Skitmang Village

Skitmang is another small village in Ladakh, Nyoma Block, near Durbok (Durbuk). A bus is available to get here every Tuesday from Leh at 13h in summer and at 12h in winter. The rate per person is Rs. 221

Bus from Leh to Hemis Shukpachan

Hemis Shukpachan is a village located on Srinagar Leh Highway, after Uleytokpo. There is a bus available from Leh every Wednesday and Saturday at 14h in summer and 13h in winter. The rate per person is Rs. 142

Bus from Leh to Shara

Shara is a village on Manali Leh Road, just after Upshi (about 18 kilometers). There is a daily bus from Leh at 4pm to Shara. The fare is Rs. 109 per person. You can also use this bus to travel to places like Karu and Upshi.

Bus from Leh to Nyoma

A bus leaves for Nyoma from Leh every Monday and Thursday at 9:00 to Nyoma. The fare is Rs. 298 per person. This bus travels back to Leh the next day for your return trip every Tuesday and Friday like Nyoma to Leh Bus. Please note that it follows the Chumathang route and not the Pangong Chushul route.

Bus from Leh to Chumathang

A direct bus is available to Chumathang from Leh every alternate Sunday at 13h in summer and 12h in winter. Nyoma is a little ahead of Chumathang, so if it’s not this bus, you can board the Nyoma bus I explained above and get off at Chumathang.

Bus from Leh to Chiktan Village

Chiktan is another village located near the Batalik region. A bus travels here every Tuesday and Thursday from Leh at 8am via Lamayuru. Rate per person until Chiktan reach Rs. 301. In fact, you can also use this bus to travel to Lamayuru as well. This village is also sometimes spelled or pronounced as Chitkan.