If you were thinking of a trip to Ladakh for this year and you wanted to rent a motorcycle in Leh for a ride, below is the updated list of bicycle rental rates in Leh Ladakh for the year 2019. The fare list actually , is the same as from 2018 and will also remain applicable in 2019. There have been no revisions in motorcycle rental rates in Ladakh for the last 2 years and the same list has been followed since 2017. Even the bikes listed below are the same before and have not been updated. Last year, I noticed that some rental agencies had Bajaj Pulsar available for rent, but this is not listed below. However, depending on engine size, the following list of fees will remain applicable for the year 2019.

To rent a motorcycle in Leh, contact Azhar in Leh at 9906990020. He runs his own rental agency in Leh and is a reliable guy.


Bike Rental Rates for Leh Ladakh 2019

Mentioned below is a list of motorcycles currently available for rent in Ladakh; with your rent per day.

Royal Enfield Himalayas

Motor size: 411CC

Rent: Rs. 2000 a day, Rs. 1200 noon

Royal enfield classic

Motor size: 500CC

Rent: Rs. 1,800 a day, Rs. 1,100 by noon

Royal enfield standard

Motor size: 500CC

Rent: Rs. 1,600 a day, Rs. 1,000 by noon

Royal Enfield Electra

Motor size: 350CC

Rent: Rs. 1,200 a day, Rs. 700 by noon

Royal enfield standard

Motor size: 350CC

Rent: Rs. 1,100 a day, Rs. 600 by noon

Bajaj Avenger

Rent: Rs.1.000 per day, Rs. 600 by noon

Bajaj Vikrant

Rent: Rs. 900 a day, Rs. 500 by noon

Hero boost

Rent: Rs. 900 a day, Rs. 500 by noon

Automatic bike / Scooty

Rent: Rs. 800 a day, Rs. 500 by noon

Bike for Leh Ladakh 2019 on Rent

Mentioned below is a description of motorcycles currently available for rent in Ladakh; with your rent per day.


Royal Enfield For Rent In Ladakh

Love or hate, but the fact is that an Enfield was and still is the most favorite motorcycle for the trip to Ladakh. No other motorcycle handles Ladakh’s rugged terrain like an Enfield. It is a perfect blend of power, durability, comfort and convenience. Depending on the model chosen, renting an Enfield in Ladakh will cost between Rs. 1100 to Rs. 2000. If you asked me, I would opt for an Electra or Standard. You will save money in a few days and this will serve the purpose very well. Whether you were riding alone or with a croup, a 350 CC bike handles any road in Ladakh. You really don’t need a 500CC engine.

Himalayan for rent in Leh

The Himalayas would be the most expensive bike to rent in Ladakh with a rent of Rs. 2000 a day. To be honest, I still haven’t received positive feedback from most people, especially if you were walking with a croup. But if it pleases you and is within budget, you are able to take it to almost anywhere in Ladakh.

Bajaj Avenger for Rent in Ladakh

It is a good motorcycle rental only if you are also cycling in your personal life. It brings a lot of travel comfort with decent enough energy and affordable rental. However, I would not recommend it in the mountains if you have no previous Avenger riding experience. The large turning radius can be a problem on steep climbs. A major concern is that if you suddenly crash you will be on the ground before you hit the ground.

Hero’s boost in rent

A hero boost has mostly the same benefits and disadvantages as an Enfield Himalayas, but with a smaller engine and much lower daily rent. It is a good choice if you were walking alone and on budget. I would not recommend if you were with a stud though.

Bajaj Vikrant

To be honest, I’m not even sure why this bike is still on this list. I didn’t notice any of them available for rent in Ladakh last year. I’m not saying no, just not seen. But if you can find one, a Vikrant can also be a good affordable bike rental option.

Active for rent in Leh

Automatic bicycles like Activa are also available for rent in Leh City. With a daily rent of Rs. 800 per day, this is the cheapest bike rental option. It is indeed a great option for touring in Leh and towards Sham Valley. You can also take you to Nubra and Pangong, but the bad roads around Khardung La and Chang La can cause a serious problem if you are on an automatic bike.

Other bikes available for rent in Ladakh

I saw a Pulsar and a Yamaha Make available for rent in Ladakh as well. A friend of mine claims to have rented a KTM too, but I can’t guarantee it. These other bikes are not on the rate list, but if any rental agency is providing, the daily rent will be based on the size of the engine. For example, a Pulsar 150 CC would cost the same as a Hero Pulse, but a Pulsar 220 CC would cost the same as an Avenger.


What To Check When Renting A Motorcycle In Leh Ladakh

I’m not a mechanic, but I’ll still list a few things. Check the condition of the chain assembly and make sure it is not worn. If the motorcycle has an electric start, try to bring it to life a few times and make sure it does not cough or cause problems when you press the start button. If it is a start, make sure there are no start problems and the motorcycle is a simple start or a maximum of two starts.

Check the condition of the tires to ensure they are not worn. Sit on the motorcycle to make sure the seats are comfortable enough. Thoroughly inspect the motorcycle for oil, engine or front shock absorber leaks. Check that the headlight is bright enough and replace it if it is not. Also check the rear light and that both indicators are in working condition.

Cost of bike rental in Ladakh – Security Deposit

To rent a motorcycle in Ladakh, you will have to pay a security deposit up to Rs 25,000. 30,000 depending on the company and motorcycle. You should also ask about this before finalizing a motorcycle with any of the companies.


Other accessories available on rent

  • Luggage Carrier: Rs. 100 per day
  • Riding jacket: Rs. 300 per day
  • Riding gloves: Rs. 100 per day
  • Knee protector: Rs. 200 per day
  • Elbow Guard: Rs. 200 per day
  • Gum Boots: Rs. 50 a day

In addition to the above accessories, you can also rent camping and photography equipment. A simple digital camera can be rented for Rs. 500 a day. A GO Pro mounted on bikes or helmets will cost about Rs. 700 a day.If you want to camp, you can rent a tent for Rs. 500 a day. It will be large enough to accommodate two people, but you will have to rent the sleeping bags separately. A sleeping bag will cost Rs. 200 per day and a sleeping mat costs Rs. 150 per day. So if you were two people and rented a camp, you would be paying Rs. 1200 per day.

Non-local rented motorcycles in Ladakh

The most important thing to remember would be in terms of a motorcycle you rented out of Ladakh; like Manali or Srinagar. These motorcycles can only be used to get to Leh City, but not to visit anywhere else like the Nubra Valley or Pangong. In fact, you can’t even use this bike to ride the city of Leh. You should absolutely leave this motorcycle parked at your hotel and rent another Leh-registered motorcycle for a ride in Ladakh.

This rule is serious and enforced even by violence. Locals have checkpoints and barricades set up on all tourist routes and will stop you to confirm that the motorcycle you were renting was privately owned. There were incidents when the arguments followed and the vehicles were vandalized. For example, if you tried to go to Pangong on a Manali rental bike, you will be stopped on the way and sent back to Leh. If you argue, your motorcycle may even be damaged or even seized.

Some rental agencies in Manali, Leh and Srinagar have ties to each other. For example, if you rented a motorcycle in Manali and then rented another in Leh from the company with which Manali people are involved; there may be some discount on Leh motorcycles. You can ask about this while renting bikes from Manali or Srinagar.

Privately owned motorcycles

If you came to Leh on a privately owned motorcycle, you can travel with it anywhere you want as long as the motorcycle is registered in your own name; or your parents. For example, if you are traveling on a registered motorcycle on behalf of your father, you can produce any valid proof of identity to prove that the bicycle owner was your father and was not renting it. If, however, you are traveling on a registered motorcycle to a brother or friend, leave it in Leh and rent another motorcycle for local sightseeing.


Renting a bike from Leh and leaving in Manali or Srinagar

Several rental agencies in Leh provide this facility, but for an additional charge. If you rented a bike in Leh and chose to leave it in Manali or Srinagar, you will have to pay additional Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 above the daily rent. Not all rental companies offer this feature, so check and confirm before agreeing to rent.

Other tips

  • You will need a permanent driver’s license to rent a motorcycle in Ladakh. No agency can rent you a motorcycle if you cannot produce a valid driver’s license. A student’s license will not work.
  • If you are a foreigner you must present an international driving license. Your local DL issued in our respective country will not be sufficient.
  • Half day rental is applicable after 2pm. This means that you must return the motorcycle before 2pm. Failure to do so will result in full day charges.