After much confusion, drama and speculation, the Rohtang Pass was finally declared open a few days ago. In all my years of blogging, I don’t think I’ve ever seen cases where Rohtang has been opened and closed as many times as it did this year. From the moment it was opened for the first time in April, in the first week, the pass was closed at least 5 to 6 times until finally being opened now. Well, at least this time it is final and the roads towards Ladakh and Spiti were also declared open earlier this week. For people traveling to Ladakh and Spiti, or just to Rohtang below, this is where we stand in terms of how to get permission to pass Rohtang this year. I will include information about the different types of permissions available, how to order these and some other updates this year.

Rohtang Pass License 2018

Rohtang Pass Permits is a permit issued by the DM Manali office for any vehicle to travel to Rohtang La. This permit is issued per vehicle and includes cars and two-wheelers. However, it is not necessary if you are cycling to Rohtang or traveling by HPTDC or HRTC bus. It is not issued per person. Therefore, if you have four people traveling in a car, permission is required for one car, not four. If you are walking or cycling to the pass, you can go without permission.

Rohtang Pass Tourist License

There are two types of permits available for the Rohtang Pass. One is for people visiting Rohtang from Manali, which is known as the tourist permit. With this permission, you will only be able to travel to Rohtang and then return to Manali on the same day. You cannot go to the top of Rohtang or cross it towards Keylong. For this permission, you will need to pay an amount of Rs. 500 as a license fee and Rs. 50 congestion charge, totaling Rs. 550 per vehicle. Heavy motor vehicles, such as buses, trucks and time travelers, will have to pay Rs. 100 for congestion charge, totaling Rs. 600 per license. The furthest you can go with this permission is the Snow point on Rohtang Road.

This is the permission that is limited in number; only 1200 a day; is issued on a first come, first served basis; and it is becoming difficult to obtain these days.

In addition to permission to pass Rohtang

The second permission is called Beyond Rohtang Permit. This permit is issued to people who wish to cross Rohtang and then travel to Ladakh, Spiti or Lahaul Valley. Using this permission, you will have to cross Rohtang and will not be able to return to Manali on the same day. If you try to return, you will be stopped at the checkpoint and fined for it. For this license, you will only have to pay a congestion charge of Rs. 50. License of Rs. 500 is not applicable to this permission. This is permission that is not limited in number and is comparatively easier to obtain.

In both cases, there will be no refund if you do not use or attempt to cancel your permission.

If you were feeling a little smart and thinking about going beyond Rohtang’s permission, because it’s easier; or because you want to go to the top; so don’t try to do it. Checkpoints are located on both sides of the pass. Your pass and vehicle will be recorded at both checkpoints. Therefore, if you have obtained an Beyond Rohtang permission, you must cross the passage and return only the next day. If you went to the top and returned on the same date; you will be stopped and fined heavily at the Gulaba checkpoint.

Necessary documents

To obtain a license for the Rohtang Pass, you will be asked to send the pollution of your vehicle under a certificate of control; registration certificate and your permanent driver’s license. Your vehicle must also not be more than 10 years old. This is applicable for vehicles with four and two wheels.

How do I get Rohtang Pass permission?

You can obtain permission in person at the DM Manali office; or apply online. If you meet in person, you will first go to the SDM office to deposit your documents between 10 am and 1 pm. However, to obtain the license, you must visit the office again between 3 pm and 5 pm. There is no way to get permission before 3 pm; at the time you sent the documents. It is a lengthy process and will eat your entire day.

Online reservation of Rohtang Pass Permit

Getting permissions online is, however, a little easier. I explained the entire step-by-step procedure of this article, How to apply for the Rohtang Pass Permit Online.

Rohtang Pass Permit App

The only change implemented this year in terms of Rohtang licenses was the introduction of a mobile app. You can download this app from the Google Play store. However, the application can only be used to check the availability of licenses, validate your already issued license, check the status of your license and download a copy of it. You cannot request permission using the mobile app. To obtain permission, you will still need to visit the SDM office in person or visit the website.


There are no changes in the terms of the rules applicable to these licenses this year. For tourism permits, a daily limit of 800 gasoline vehicles and 400 diesel vehicles is in effect. However, there are no restrictions in terms of number of vehicles other than Rohtang licenses. You still need permission only when traveling from Manali to Rohtang. No permission is required if you are coming from the other side of the passage towards Manali.

For Tourist Permission,

  • The applicable daily allowance limit remains 800 gasoline vehicles and 400 diesel vehicles
  • Licenses can be obtained online in two periods:
  • 1000 hours (200 diesel and 400 gasoline)
  • 1600 hours (200 diesel and 400 gasoline)
  • In a week (from Tuesday to Monday), only three permits can be obtained for each vehicle.
  • Vehicles are not allowed on Tuesday, as the day is scheduled for the maintenance of the Rohtang Pass.
  • Permissions can only be applied within the next 6 days from the current date.
  • Printing is mandatory for all permissions.
  • Vehicles with incorrect information under license, compared to valid evidence, will not be able to cross the barrier.
  • Congestion charges apply to all vehicles that cross the Gulaba bridge. This tax is paid daily and is valid for only one day (To & Fro).

In addition to the Rohtang license

  • You are only required to pay congestion for Rs. 50 or Rs. 100 for a good vehicle.
  • This tax is paid daily and is valid for only one day (To & Fro).
  • Vehicles are not allowed on Tuesday, as the day is scheduled for the maintenance of the Rohtang Pass.
  • Congestion charges can only be paid for the next 6 days from the current date.
  • Printing is mandatory for all permissions.
  • Vehicles with incorrect congestion rate information compared to valid evidence will not be able to cross the barrier.
  • In one week (Tuesday to Monday), only two permits can be obtained for each vehicle.