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We aim to give you an overall experience of the stunning landscape, complete safety measures, a guided tour of all activities and of course to ensure we fulfill that adrenal rush that you are here for.


  • Arrive at the location and  refresh yourself
  • Head to the common area for your basic orientation and to get equipped with your safety gear
  • Our instructors will help you wear as well check your equipment prior to starting the activities
Activity List 1. Rainforest walk: They say the forests have a story to tell. This is a must do to be amidst old rain forest in the Western Ghats which are a few centuries old. The quietness of the forest with a number of birds and insects humming to various tunes is sure to leave you bedazzled. Follow your instructors into our very own rainforest. Please follow and remain on the paths at all times. 2. Selfie station and view points: Once you get to the top of the rock face, please stay behind the fences. We highly suggest for your own safety, that you don’t lean on the fences. Photography is encouraged at this location, but please stay away from the edges. An open window for creativity of getting some of the best selfies and wind angle landscape photos of the Western Ghats in the background. 3. Treetop adventure: Activities suspended 15 to 20 feet above the forest floor, on trees, you begin the tree top adventure. Created out of natural wood and steel cables you will climb up the first treetop activity. a. Wobbling Bridge: Ensure to be connected to your safety line before you start crossing the bridge. Once you reach the end of the Wobbling bridge, disconnect your safety line and connect to the safety line of the next activity b. The Pole Walk: Transition would be from the wobbling bridge on to the ladder and then on to the poles. Holding on to the wire rope above the pole walk to the end of the 2 poles, at the end of which is a ladder for you to get down. c. Twin Cable Walk across a gorge: Connect your safety line to the yellow rope and walk across the valley. Stop in the center and enjoy the views. d. Tyre Bridge: Here we attach your pulley to the wire rope & walk on the bridge of tyres towards the giant Hammock. e. Giant Hammock: Once inside the net area, remove your pulley from the safety line & climb down the giant hammock. 4. Zipline 1: Stretched across the Quarry, with the wall face to your left and the valley to your right, you will be flying at over 40 km per hour. We recommend you brake at the beginning and keep the pressure on the wire throughout your flight. You will be helped down from the wires at the end platform. 5. Zipline 2: Stretched from the cliff across the Quarry flying down over the common area, moving from the east to the west, you will enjoy the beautiful valley and hills on this thrilling yet enjoyable zipline. You will disengage your pulleys at the end of zipline at the landing platform. 6. Rock climbing: Our Rock face is 250m in width and 50metres high. There are faces of the rock wall which are at 90°. For beginners we have selected a route which is at 60° incline and the climb is fairly simple, with enough natural foot and hand holds. In case you get tired of climbing, you can climb the wire rope ladder to reach the top. Complete safety harness, shoes and helmet is mandatory. Top belay will be employed for this activity. 7. Rappelling: Descend down the same rock face using a static rope and figure of 8. 8. Common Area: All adventurers are requested to wait at this location until your entire group arrives here.


  • Sunglasses and a cap/hat
  • Camera
  • Personal medication (if any)
  • A light sweater/jacket
  • Energy bars and energy drinks
  • Insect repellent (in case you are allergic)
  • Binoculars
  • Avoid extra packaging, travel light Avoid carrying plastic bags or any other waste products that may result in littering

  • Inclusions
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Adventure Equipments and Assistance
  • Activities

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