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Para Motoring Ride with Adventure Activities in Delhi NCR

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Fly and feel like a bird in open sky in Delhi NCR. Have a weekend Getaway from Delhi & enjoy Para-motoring Ride in Delhi. Get the adrenaline rush high with this open sky activity in Delhi NCR which will be filled with fun and adventure. Also Enjoy other Adventure activities like Zipline, Skycycling & other 20 + Rides in Delhi

Why Para Motoring?

The world of Amazing Stuff has many faces, from the creative to the determined, the surprising to the extreme. But some amazing things just creep up on you, until one day you suddenly realise, “Hang on a minute — Can I actually fly in the air like a free bird?”

Yes, you can.

Paramotoring is essentially paragliding with a big fan strapped to your back. Taking off simply involves a short trot, a rev of your hand-held throttle and you’re up and away. In most countries, as long as you stick to sparsely populated areas (preferably without too many high-voltage power lines around), you can basically fly where you want.

So what are you waiting for? Cost for Para Motoring Ride in Delhi NCR starts around just ? 2500 per person. Go ahead plan an adventure trip from Delhi and try out Para Motoring with ultimate fun and adventure. It is one of the most extreme sports activities near Delhi. Book yourself a Para Motoring in Delhi.

Adventure Activities included in the Package-

Skycycling, Tremplin, Skateboard Ride, Zipline, Giant Swing, Bungee Eject, Freefall, Angry Bird etc.

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Activity Timing-

Morning - 05:00 AM- 09:30 AM (Winters- 07:00 AM- 11:30 AM)
Evening - 05:00 PM - 07:30 PM (winters- 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM)
Duration- 30 Min of Para-motoring experience right from understanding the process & a brief about the ride. It includes 15 min of Ride experience.
Height- Above 2000 Ft

Brief about the activity

Paramotoring is also known as PPG ( Powered Paraglider) is a unit consisting one engine with propeller and a glider. It includes one flight for 2 people max, one being pilot and another rider. It needs open ground for taking off and landing.
Its a new face of adventure which has always been like a dream to people which is to fly like a bird and hover around in sky freely over fields, cities, rivers etc.
Taking initiative to bring this dream come true for the people, Flying Folks offer its services in flying high and freely like a bird while keeping Safety standards intact.
All equipment are all imported from Italy. Our pilots are highly skilled and have professional approach towards the safety standards.
Cost for Para Motoring Ride in Delhi NCR starts around just ? 2500 per person.


  • Price Includes:
  • 1). 30 Min of Para Motoring Experience with 25 min of ride experience
  • 2). Para-motoring coverage of 12 KMs.
  • 3). You can avail the service of beverages at the site.
  • Price does not include-
  • 1). Transportation Cost
  • 2). Any excess expense arising because of bad weather, change in itinerary or unforeseen circumstances

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