If you are planning a trip for Rohtang Pass in the coming days, read How to Plan a Trip for Rohtang Pass. This should give you an idea of ​​some of the important things to remember when planning the trip. Another important aspect of the trip will be the permission for which I recommend taking a look at How to apply for Rohtang Pass permission. For a list of other places you should visit while visiting Manali, read How to Plan a Trip to Manali.

Rohtang Pass Status Today

The Rohtang Pass is officially closed for 2019 from now on. It is snowing a lot on the pass and on the route from Manali to Rohtang. Tourists and vehicles are currently not allowed beyond the Gulaba checkpoint. The pass will remain closed during winters for the coming months until mid to late April.

Rohtang Pass Road Status Today – CLOSED

Expected opening date – April 2020

Rohtang Pass Status – October 27

It snowed heavily during the month of October on almost every pass in Himachal, Ladakh and Kashmir; including Rohtang Pass. The month has seen the pass being closed to residents and tourists twice. It was restored later this month, but vehicle movement was strictly limited to local buses and trucks carrying supplies.

The tourist population from Manali to Rohtang is being allowed, but not all the way to the top. For now, as a tourist, it is safe to assume that Rohtang Pass is closed for 2019 and will only reopen in 2020 after the winter season has passed.

When will Rohtang Pass open in 2020?

The opening of Rohtang Pass depends entirely on the weather; and how quickly BRO is able to clear snow after the winter season. Historically, however, it is always the month of April when Rohtang Pass is declared open to the tourist community. Sometimes it can open earlier too if the snow was not too much; but mid-April is a safer time to take over. There were times when the pass was not opened also in May; as happened in 2019.

Is Rohtang Pass open today?

Yes, Rohtang is open from now on, but it’s only for a few days. It has started to snow and vehicles are finding it difficult to climb to the top and cross the passage. Now it’s just a few days for the authorities to shut it down and the vehicles can’t go beyond the Gulaba checkpoint.

Is the Rohtang Pass open on Tuesday?

No, the Rohtang Pass remains closed for all types of vehicular movement on Tuesdays.