If a trip to Ladakh or the Zanskar Valley was in his plans for this year; And you also wanted to rent a taxi on the route, mentioned below is the latest list of taxi fares in Zanskar Valley. Fares shown below include the money you will pay to get to Kargil’s Zanskar Valley and then rent a taxi to Padum for local sightseeing. If the rate list images below are not clear, save it to the hard drive and zoom in so that it can read clearly. I will also add the rates for some of the common routes here in the post as a quick reference.

Note that the list below does not include the money you will pay to get to Kargil de Leh or Srinagar. The reason behind this is the different taxi operator unions in all these areas and the disputes between them. The most important thing to remember when traveling to Ladakh or Zanskar is that local taxi unions here divide the entire region; and they don’t allow a taxi from another district to board their routes. Therefore, to visit and tour Zanskar Valley, you will need to rent a taxi from Kargil Taxi Union. But to get to Kargil, you will need to rent a taxi at the Ladakh or Srinagar taxi union. Sound heavy and expensive? I agree.

Taxi Rules

In a nutshell, a rented taxi in Kargil cannot be used for sightseeing in Ladakh or Kashmir. Similarly, a rented taxi in Ladakh cannot be used in Kargil, Zanskar and Kashmir. A rental taxi in Srinagar cannot be used for sightseeing in Zanskar or Ladakh. For example, if you came from Srinagar and rented a taxi there, that taxi can only take you to Kargil or Ladakh. But to visit any local attraction in these places, you will need to take a locally registered taxi. Similarly, a rented taxi in Ladakh can only take you to Kargil or Srinagar, but it cannot show you. This is really a hassle, but there is really no option or way around it.


Kargil to Zanskar Taxi Fare

After you have arrived in Kargil, you will then rent a cab to get to your desired destination in Zanskar Valley. Fare will depend on your destination and type of the cab you choose.

Route     Drop     Return

Kargil to Padum Taxi Fare (1 Day )     14,765     19,637

Kargil to Padum Taxi Fare (2 Days)     17,546     23,683

Kargil to Rangdum Taxi Fare (1 Day )         9,530

Kargil to Rangdum Taxi Fare (2 Days)         12,276

Kargil to Sankoo     1,364 1,818

Kargil to Panikhar     2,285 3,046

Kargil to Parkachik     3,308     5,720

Kargil to Purtikchey     1,773     2,364

Zanskar Valley Sightseeing Taxi Rates

Once you get to the Zanskar Valley, you will have to rent another taxi in Padum to show you around. In all likelihood, the trip that took you to Kargil Padum will not be allowed for sightseeing. But talk about it with him before you start from Kargil. As it is the same union of taxis, sometimes these guys have contacts and can also drive in the Zanskar Valley.

Below is the fare list that you will have to pay for hiring a cab in Padum.

Route     Return Fare

Padum to Anmo     5,000

Padum to Karsha, Zangla, Stongdey     5,760

Padum to Stongdey, Zangla, Pipiting     4,300

Kargil to Hanumil     5,000