One of the best things I like about traveling is the chance to meet new people. You go to a new place, travel on new roads, try food you didn’t know, learn a different culture, wear vibrant clothes, see these wonderful destinations; and best of all, make new friends. And I’m not talking about traveling alone here. No, even if you were in a group; went out with his existing friends or his family; traveling will always give you the chance to interact with really interesting people. All you have to do is keep an open mind, stay positive, explore, but at the same time, stay safe. In this article, I’ll share some tips on how you can make new friends while traveling; and come home with some amazing stories to tell.

Make new friends while traveling

I’m not really a solo traveler, but traveling alone has some benefits. You can travel however you want, stay where you want and discover new things without worrying about your fellow travelers.

The problem, however, is that it can get a little boring after a while; or sometimes. You may hesitate to go to a certain place, because you did not feel safe going in that direction alone. Or you may feel awkward eating alone at a family restaurant; or not to order a dish, because it was too much for a person to eat alone. One of the biggest problems with traveling alone is that you must bear the full cost. If you receive a hotel room, you will need to pay the full rent. There is no one with whom you can share the room and share the cost. The same logic applies if you were considering hiring a taxi.

Making new friends while traveling

A quick solution for this may be to put yourself in situations that would allow you to meet people while traveling. Making new friends while traveling means that you will have company and will also be able to share the cost. And to be honest, it is not that difficult to make a travel companion. Here’s how.


This will definitely be the first step. Everyone told us never to talk to strangers as children; but if you want to make some friends while traveling; then you will definitely have to give up on that theory. I’m not saying that you drop your guard completely and start to trust almost everyone. No, you should always remain cautious, especially if you are traveling alone; but don’t be shy about talking to that complete stranger sitting next to you on the bus; or someone staying at the same hotel as you. Start a conversation, share a few laughs and see if you can wake up with the other person. Otherwise, you will always have the option to end the conversation, but in a pleasant way and go your own way.

Don’t scare the other person

You need to remember that the other person will also be careful in terms of who to talk to. Suddenly, you start a conversation with “Are you traveling alone?” Or “So, what are you staying at? Which room? “, It can give the person an idea of ​​getting away from you. Don’t show yourself to be a potential thief or serial killer. Don’t start asking personal questions right away, and at the same time, don’t share too much.

In short, don’t be scary. Talking about weather is always a good way to start a conversation. Or just ask the person if they know something unique to see in that place; or if there was a good restaurant nearby that the other person was aware of. The idea is that you look non-threatening. If you start a conversation and the other person is trying to interrupt, it is best to end the conversation and not chase it.

Photos, Pictures and Images

This is one of the easiest ways to make new friends while traveling. If you were a solo traveler, get to a popular tourist spot and spend some time there. You will definitely not be the only tourist there. Ask someone to take a picture of you and, when you do, thank them; followed by a slight compliment about how good they are at taking pictures (even if it’s not a good one). Likewise, if you see another lone traveler trying to click on a selfie, offer them a click on the image and that will be a good way to start talking.

If you like photography and have a huge camera around your neck, you can start chatting about photography with another person with the same hobby. Or, if you notice someone struggling to click on a good image of something, share some quick tips on how the image can improve.

Eat at a Dhaba location

Small dhabas and local tea shops are a really great place to hang out with locals or other tourists. I could be wrong here, but in all my travels, what I learned is that people who eat in these little dhabas are more likely to be friends than those who eat in a fancy restaurant. Eat some of your meals in a certain dhaba, see who else is a regular and chat.

Stay as a paying guest

It may not be an option available everywhere, but it is a great option. There is no better way to make some local friends than to stay with one of them as a paying guest. You spend time at home, eat at your tables and listen to some local stories. Not only will they be your hosts, they will also play the role of your local guide and direct you to places that other tourists may not even be aware of.

Experience public transportation

I know this is not everyone’s team, but if you are traveling alone, choosing public transport as your preferred travel mode may be better. In addition to reducing the total cost of travel, saving gas money, it will be easier to make friends with someone sitting on a bus than to go by car.

Eating in the dining room

Many hotels have a common dining room. I’m not saying you are looking for a hotel like this, because it can be a little tiring and will drastically limit your choice. But if you’re staying in a hotel that has a common dining room, try to eat there instead of in your own room. You can sit for a while, turn on the channel for some sports and that will give you ample chances to make some friends.

Do not worry

And with that, don’t really become a burden or a responsibility for anyone. Traveling together seems fun, but only if the other person agrees. If you end up making some friends and start trying to impose your own plans on them; the next thing they would do is ask permission to go to the bathroom and never come back.

Online travel partners

If you simply cannot travel alone, you should go on a trip, but you also cannot take anyone to accompany you, so looking for a travel partner online is a great option. There are several online communities in which you can search for people who travel in the same direction as you and perhaps make friends with them. Even on my forum, I have a separate section dedicated to that purpose. Click on the Travel Partners link in the menu above and create a new post in the section. You can leave your travel details there and anyone who has the same plans as yours can respond.

Don’t worry so much

Last but not least, don’t worry too much. Just relax, relax, be fun to go out and enjoy your trip. Remember that you are traveling because you want to travel and not because you want to make friends. Stick to your original schedule. Explore as much as you can and enjoy your trip; regardless of whether or not you made friends with someone. If you did, great; Otherwise, travel alone and have fun your way.