If you were planning a trip to Ladakh, Kargil or Zanskar Valley and were considering renting a taxi along the way; The following is the latest Kargil Taxi Union fare list. The list below contains fares for renting a taxi from Kargil for traveling on the Srinagar, Zanskar and Batalik routes. The rate list images below are not very clear, but if you save to your hard drive and zoom in, you will be able to read clearly. I will also add the rates for some of the common routes here in the post as a quick reference.


The most important thing to remember when renting a taxi in this region is that local unions do not allow taxis outside their district to pay for their routes. Therefore, any rental taxi in Srinagar cannot be used for sightseeing in Zanskar and Ladakh. Kargil taxis cannot be used for sightseeing in Kashmir and Ladakh. Similarly, rented taxis in Ladakh cannot be used for sightseeing in Zanskar and Kashmir. For example, if you rented a taxi from Kargil, it can only take you to the city of Leh and Srinagar, but you cannot use the same taxi to visit local tourist attractions in either of these places. Likewise, if you arrived in Kargil in a taxi registered in Leh or Srinagar, this is good enough to take you to Kargil. If you want to travel to the Zanskar Valley, you will need to rent a local taxi from Kargil.

I agree that it seems an expensive and unnecessary hassle for tourists, but that is how it goes here. There is no other option or way to work around this.

Taxi services in Kargil

There are three types of taxi available for rent in Kargil and the rates are also different.

  • XUV and Innova fall into category 1 and are the most expensive of the lot.
  • The second category consists of Xylo, Scorpio, Tavera and Qualis. The fare for this category is slightly lower than the first.
  • The cheapest taxis available are Sumo and Bolero

There are no hatchbacks and sedans available for rent. Although the rates for these SUVs are different, the margin is not very large and they will cost almost the same.


Taxi Rates in Kargil

Below are the rates on some of the most preferred tourist routes. I will mention the common taxi fares as a quick reference. For rest, please refer to the rate list in images below.

Route     Drop     Return

Kargil to Padum Taxi Fare (1 Day )    14,765     19,637

Kargil to Padum Taxi Fare (2 Days)    17,546     23,683

Kargil to Rangdum Taxi Fare (1 Day ) 9,530

Kargil to Rangdum Taxi Fare (2 Days)         12,276

Kargil to Sankoo     1,364     1,818

Kargil to Baltal (1 Day)          5,683

Kargil to Baltal (2 Days)     8,584

Kargil to Drass     2,046      2,706

Kargil to Jammu Taxi Fare     17,050 22,623

Kargil to Pahalgam in 2 Days     10,401 13,867

Kargil to Pahalgam in 3 Days     13,302 16,768

Kargil to Sonamarg         5,445

Srinagar to Leh Taxi Fare (1 Day)     14,834

Srinagar to Leh Taxi Fare (2 Days)     17,727

Kargil to Srinagar Taxi Fare     7,150      9,320

Kargil to Udhampur     14,663     19,550

Kargil to Lamayuru         5,456

Leh to Srinagar Taxi Fare (1 Day) 14,834

Leh to Srinagar Taxi Fare (2 Days)     18,277

Kargil to Leh Taxi Fare     7,843     10,457

Kargil to Mulbek     1,364 1,818

Kargil to Leh via Batalik     8,184     10,912

Kargil to Batalik Taxi Fare     2,046     2,706

Kargil to Keylong     20,415     27,154

Kargil to Manali     23,892     27,154

Kargil to Sarchu     13,001     17,301

Kargil to Tso Kar via Tanglang La     6,751     8,979

Other Notes:

50% of the total fare must be paid in advance on long routes such as Manali, Srinagar and Padum. If the taxi is used for more than the specified days to the destination, the additional charges will be Rs. 2503 for the whole day and Rs. 1250 by noon. Full day here means 8 hours and 4 hours as noon.