Renting a bike in Manali is a great option for those who want to visit the areas of Manali and nearby; and also for people traveling to other destinations like Spiti and Ladakh. Although Manali is one of the most favorite mountain stations in our country, getting around here locally can really become a problem. There is not much public transport available and hiring a private taxi is not really a budget option. In that case, renting a bike can really be a continent and an economical way to manage your visit.

And it’s not just about visiting Manali locally. Manali is at the center of a trip to Ladakh and Spiti. These places are commonly referred to as the “biker paradise”. Thousands of people travel every year to live their dream of cycling through the rugged terrain of Ladakh and Spiti. For people living in the northern part of the county, this can be comparatively easier, as they live close enough; but for people who come from distant states, purchasing your own bikes can be a little challenging. In that case, the only option is to rent a bicycle in Manali or Shimla and move on.

There are several bicycle rentals available in Manali. Go look for one and you will have an endless list of rental companies, travel agencies and even mechanics who offer motorcycle rentals. Where to rent from then on really becomes a confusing question. Daily rent, of course, is one of the main things you should consider, but the most important is the reliability of the motorcycle. A bicycle that you rented for a cheaper price may not be the best option if you leave it in the middle of nowhere.

Make no mistake, all bikes available for rent will be washed and shiny. The external appearance, however, does not reveal the true image. These motorcycles are generally mishandled by multiple users; and not very well maintained by the agency. Some of the common problems include low pick-up, poor mileage and breakdowns. Finding one of these rented motorcycles struggling to climb a hill is not really an unusual sight. An even more serious problem will be if the bike stops in the middle of nowhere with not a single soul in sight.

Rent a bike in Manali

In that case, it becomes really important that you rent a motorcycle from a reliable source. Below, there is a rental agency in Manali, from which I personally rented motorbikes and also recommended it to several other people. My own experience with them was really great and the feedback provided by others was also very good.

Bikes Available on Rent

They have almost all the motorcycles that are commonly rented in Manali, Ladakh and Spiti. Royal Enfield of course is the hot favorite with its bigger engine and affordable rent. If you wish to get smaller engine motorcycle like Pulsar, KTM etc than that too can be arranged. If you would like to get a automatic scooter to move around in Manali, it is available for rent as well.

Daily Rental

These guys will offer you a great deal in terms of the daily rentals. Please see the rental information mentioned below.


  • Royal Enfield 350CC – Rs. 1000 per day
  • Royal Enfield 500CC – Rs. 1,200 per day
  • RE Thunderbird 350CC – Rs. 1,100 per day
  • RE Himalayan – Rs. 1,200 Per Day
  • Bajan Avenger – Rs. 800 per Day
  • KTM 200 CC – Rs. 900 per Day
  • Other Bikes like Pulsar or Automatic Scooters – Rs. 700 per Day

Feed back

I rented bikes with them a few times and then suggested them to some friends of mine. All the bikes that were given to rent were very well maintained and never gave any problems. My friends took the bikes to Leh and Spiti and never along the way did any of the bikes cause problems. If necessary, they can also help you keep your permission for Rohtang organized, if you rent from them. Luggage racks, riding equipment etc. they can also be arranged for a nominal fee.

An overall customer service experience was also great. They are very humble and even if you have booked a bike in advance, you will still have the option of taking a test trip to your satisfaction before finishing it. I recommend the Road Kings Rider to anyone who wants to rent a bike in Manali.