What is definitely one of the most anticipated and expected bus services from our country has been flagged today for the year 2019. Yes, I am talking about the Delhi to Leh 2019 bus service, which started today at ISBT Delhi to travel daily to Leh City via Manali. This bus will remain in service until the end of September, before the highway is closed for the year in October. Traveling over 1000 kilometers on a daunting 38-hour journey; It will take your travelers through the beautiful and lush Kullu and Lahaul valleys and the barren landscapes of Ladakh, making it one of the most amazing bus rides you can experience in India.


Due to this year’s heavy snowfall throughout the Himalayas, the opening of the Manali Leh road was delayed. It usually opens until the end of May, but this year was postponed until mid-June, so bus service also started late for almost a month. However, it is now operational and ready to give its passengers a true taste of adventure and natural beauty. So if a trip to Ladakh was on your mind in the year 2019 and traveling with your own vehicle was not an option, now is the time to pack and embark on a trip that you will remember for years to come. Below is the schedule and information for the Delhi Leh Bus 2019 service.

Bus service from Delhi to Leh 2019

The bus will start at 14:30 from Delhi ISBT and will reach Manali at 5:30 the next day. It will start from Manali at 7:15 am and will arrive in Keylong at 1:30 pm where it will be interrupted at night. It will then start from Keylong at 5am and will arrive at Leh at 7pm the same night.

Bus Details:

Bus Route from Delhi to Leh: Delhi – Chandigarh – Bilaspur – Mandi – Kullu – Manali – Keylong – Sarchu – Pang – Upshi – Leh

Type of bus: TATA Ordinary 2X3 (47 places)

  • Delhi to Leh Distance by bus: 1016 kilometers
  • Delhi to Leh Bus fare: Rs. 1353
  • Stops: the bus for the night in Keylong. The cost of accommodation in Keylong is not included in your ticket, but you will easily find budget hotels near the bus stand.
  • Mountain pass covered: Rohtang La, Baralacha La, Nakee La, Lachulung la, Tanglang la
  • Delhi to Leh Bus Service Time
  • Departure Delhi: 14:30
  • Chandigarh Departure (Sector 43): 8:30 pm
  • Arrival at Kullu: 5:15 am
  • Kullu’s departure: 05:30
  • Departure from Manali: 7:00
  • Arrival at Keylong: 13:00
  • ** Night Stop **
  • Keylong Departure: 05:00
  • Arrival at Leh: 19h

Delhi to Leh Bus Schedule

  • Snacks in the evening: Karnal
  • Dinner: Ropar
  • Early Morning Break: Pandoh
  • Breakfast: Gulaba
  • Lunch: Koksar
  • Breakfast: Bharatpur near Baralacha La
  • Lunch: Pang
  • Appetizers at Night: Upshi
  • Reverse Programming

Below is the schedule of this bus when traveling from Leh to Delhi.

  • Departure from Leh: 04:00
  • Arrival at Keylong: 18:00
  • ** Night Stop **
  • Keylong Departure: 06:30
  • Departure from Manali: 13:25
  • Arrival in Delhi: 03:30

Travel time from Delhi to Leh

The total trip, including overnight in Keylong, is 52 hours. But the actual travel time on the bus is about 38 hours.


Travel by bus from Delhi to Leh

So to explain in very simple terms (by someone who traveled on this bus), this is how it works. Not really a bus trip as such, but just named it. You don’t just sit on a bus and travel to Ladakh. You first take a bus from Delhi at 2:30 pm to ISBT Keylong. Arrives in Chandigarh late at night and then you have dinner there. The bus leaves from Chandigarh again at 8:30 pm and you doze off at night.

When you wake up the next morning, the bus will be in Kullu. You will get off for a short break, have a cup of tea and the bus will start again. A little later, you will arrive in Manali and take a little long break. From Manali, it starts around 7:30 am and climbs the Rohtang Pass. According to the schedule, it is expected to arrive in Keylong at 1:30 pm, but due to the confusing traffic situation in Rohtang, it usually arrives in Keylong between 3 pm and 4 pm.

You will get off at Keylong and look for a place to stay. There are several budget hotels out there where you can stay all night, but make sure you find a place closer to the bus stop. HRTC organizes accommodations for your passengers near the bus stop and if you prefer you can also stay there.

Bus from Keylong to Leh

You will stroll for a while, stroll through the market, dine and call at dawn. You will wake up at 4:00 am, cool off, leave the hotel and arrive at the bus stop in the dark darkness. At the Keylong counter, you buy a ticket with the allocated seat number. You will be seated and the bus will start from Leh in an intense cold at 5 am. He will go up and down the hills, pass 4 more passes and arrive at the Leh bus stop at 7pm.

Now, if I speak from my experience, it’s a very ordinary bus, but comfortable enough. However, it is not a luxury deal and it can be inconvenient for some such deep people to keep this in mind before deciding to make this journey.


Delhi to Leh Bus Fare 2019

The entire trip from Delhi to Leh will cost a total of Rs. 1353. This, however, is only the cost of bus tickets. Your one-night stay in Keylong is not included in this price and you will have to pay for it separately. All meals or snacks you will have on your way are paid by you and nothing will be covered by HRTC at this cost. HRTC set up tent accommodation will also have to be paid by you and is not part of your Rs. 1353 ticket.

Keylong Lodges

The accommodations that HRTC provides in Keylong are of the Unisex type. What this basically means is that they set up a huge tent and there are beds lined up inside it. The cost per bed is Rs.150. So if you were a guy and a group of people traveling on a tight budget, this is your best bet. Other benefits of staying at this accommodation is that it is next to the bus stop and is run by HRTC itself. So there cannot be a situation where you overslept and missed the bus to Leh the next morning.

On the downside, you will have to share accommodations with many strangers. Everyone will be sleeping in a huge tent in lined beds. The bathroom would also be shared with all other passengers. Therefore, privacy and hygiene may be a concern. If you don’t choose, you will find many other hotels in Keylong to stay overnight. Average rates at these hotels will be around Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000 per day.

Delhi to Leh Volvo Bus

There are no Volvo or luxury buses available from Delhi to Leh, but there is a way for you to make this trip. What you can do is book a Volvo bus from HRTC or any private travel agent from Delhi to Manali. This will not be difficult and there are numerous luxury buses traveling daily between Delhi and Manali. In Manali, there is a luxury bus available that is operated by HPTDC. Read Manali to Leh Bus Service – HPTDC & HRTC for more details about this bus. So you will be traveling on two different buses, but both will be luxurious. You will interrupt your journey in two parts, manage on your own, buy tickets separately, but this will be the case even if you traveled by HRTC bus from Delhi.


Delhi to Leh Sleeper Bus

There are no buses available from Delhi to Leh. The only way to find one is to manage the journey the way I explained above to Volvo.

Bus service frequency from Delhi to Leh

This is a daily bus from Delhi and Keylong. Previously, when the service was introduced, it was limited to only 3 times a week. It was later changed to alternative days, but keeping in mind the large number of tourists, the schedule is now updated daily. You can find a bus from Delhi as well as Keylong to Leh every day at their respective times.

Delhi Leh Bus Service by HRTC Booking

How to book Delhi to Leh Bus? There is no reservation system available and tickets must be purchased in person at the reservation window. This will be the case in Delhi and Keylong, both. The only booking option you have is that you can buy a ticket a few days in advance from Delhi. For example, if you are traveling on Friday, you can buy a ticket on Thursday or Wednesday to avoid any last minute hassle.

The Keylong ticket, however, must be purchased locally in the morning when you are about to board the bus. But do not worry; There cannot be a case of sold out tickets. If the number of travelers is larger than a single bus, HRTC will line up a second bus for that day’s journey. Therefore, your trip and itinerary will remain guaranteed even if you have not booked in advance.


Bus from Delhi to Leh

No, this bus doesn’t stop anywhere to get around. Stops will be limited only to meals and other scheduled breaks listed above in this article. On the first day, he goes straight to Manali. On day 2, the first stop will be in Gulaba for breakfast. The next stop will be at Rohtang Top for about 15 minutes. The bus will briefly stop at Kokhsar and head straight for Keylong.

On day 3, it will briefly stop at the top of the passages for about 15 to 20 minutes each. A brief break will be at Deepak Taal, but the driver may change his mind. In addition to his, the other two breaks will be in Bharatpur for breakfast and Pang for lunch.

With that said, it also depends on the mood of the driver. Passengers may ask you on the way to stop for a short break.

Booking bus tickets from Delhi to Leh

There is really no booking system available, but you can buy your ticket in advance in the booking window, as I explained earlier.

How to book Delhi for Leh Bus Online?

There is not yet an online booking system for this bus. The ticket would have to be bought in person at the counter. The bus from Manali to Leh HPTDC, however, has a reservation system. So if you are traveling with this, you can first book a HRTC Deluxe bus from Delhi to Manali and then travel from Manali to Leh from HRTC Bus.

How safe is the trip from Delhi to Leh Bus?

My two word answer would be “very safe”. Yes, it is a bit uncomfortable to be on a regular bus, but there is really no safety concern. But don’t accept my word. Read A Girl’s Solo Trip to Ladakh, written by a friend of mine. She traveled to Ladakh by bus alone and used different modes of travel in Ladakh to get around. Take a look at the travel log and it will give you a great idea on how you can plan your entire trip to Ladakh by public transit.


Other tips

  • The long hours on an ordinary bus will be tiring, so be prepared mentally.
  • From Manali to Leh, sit in line behind the driver for better pictures. Returning from Leh to Manali, he sits on the other side.
  • The bathrooms will be dirty and a challenge.
  • You may suffer from seasickness on the bus. Drink plenty of water to prevent this and eat small meals in the form of snacks to prevent this. Do not be on an empty stomach and do not overeat.
  • Even by bus, remember that you are traveling through a cold desert. Dress appropriately. Don’t wear clothes that make you shiver. But at the same time, don’t put all the heavy loads that will make it impossible to sit on the bus comfortably.