Can you visit Leh Ladakh in June? The answer is definitely yes. In fact, the month of June is one of the best times to visit Ladakh. The number of tourists starts to happen in the region from April; but, in fact, it is the month of June that makes the whole tourist season. This is the month in which all hotels, inns; and tourism-related activities are fully operational. The roads are all open; the climate warms up; the snow begins to melt; the small streams and waterfalls come back to life; lakes change color from white to blue again; and the whole region becomes a great celebration of vibrant colors and life itself. In short, it is a perfect time to be in Ladakh.

Visiting Ladakh in June means that you will receive a unique blend of adventure, climate and activities that no other month will offer. What are those; and how you can get the most out of your trip is what I will discuss in this post. I will summarize what things will be like in Ladakh in June and suggest some tips for an uncomplicated trip. Last but not least, I will also suggest an itinerary that you can follow. All roads leading to and from Ladakh remain open in June, so I will try to keep the itinerary as comprehensive as possible. If, after reading the article, you have other questions; feel free to comment and ask.

Is it safe to visit Leh Ladakh in June?

Yes, it is safe to plan a trip to Ladakh in June, but there are some suggestions that you should keep in mind, which I will discuss in the article below.

Acute mountain disease in Ladakh

Most people visit Ladakh by their own vehicle, but many others fly; or get here by public transport; or rented vehicles. If you plan to board a flight to Leh; so the first thing you need to worry about is acute mountain sickness; better known as AMS in short. You are bound to suffer from this on your first day after landing in Leh; and possibly even on the 2nd.

The slow gain in altitude is the best prevention against AMS, which doesn’t really happen in this case. A moment when you are on the plains and, a few hours later, take your body to a height of 3,500 meters in Leh. This should trigger the symptoms of altitude sickness until your body acclimates. You will need to resort to the second best prevention; which is to rest in abundance and leave your body some time to adjust. Don’t run and stress on day 1. For more details on what AMS is, what your symptoms are and how you can best deal with it; read How to deal with acute mountain sickness in Ladakh.

Hired motorcycles and non-local taxis in Ladakh

If you were coming to Ladakh by motorcycle or rental car; your biggest concern will be that vehicles rented outside Ladakh are not allowed for sightseeing here. And yes, this also applies to the city of Leh. For example, if you rented a bicycle in Manali or Srinagar, you can only use it to get to the city of Leh. After checking into a hotel, you will have to leave it parked at the hotel and rent another bicycle in Leh for local sightseeing; and visit areas such as the Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri. This is a serious concern and please don’t take it lightly. Residents put barriers on these routes and, if they catch you, you will be sent back to the hotel. There have also been incidents of vehicles rented off-site being attacked, vandalized and taken by force.

Ladakh by public transport

If you’re coming by public transport, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Your biggest concern will be the availability of buses and matching it with your itinerary. However, if a bus on a particular day is not available, you can still board a shared taxi at the Leh bus stop. They run daily and the fare is almost equal to that of the bus. For more details on the bus schedule, see the articles below.

  • Bus from Delhi to Leh
  • Manali to Leh Bus
  • Srinagar to Leh Bus
  • Bus from Leh to Nubra Valley
  • Bus from Leh to Pangong Tso
  • Bus from Leh to Tso Moriri

Domestic line licenses from Ladakh

However, no matter how you arrived in Ladakh, everyone is required to obtain internal line permission to visit the areas of Ladakh. This permit is a mandate and, without it, you will not be able to travel beyond the city of Leh. There are Army checkpoints between routes where you will have to send photocopies of your permission. It can be obtained in person at DM Office Leh; or signed up online.

Mobile connectivity in Ladakh

When it comes to mobile and data connectivity in Ladakh, it is practically limited only to the city of Leh. BSNL here has the broadest coverage; but it is only in Leh that you get a stable connection with good voice clarity. All other networks will be dead by the time you leave Leh; but you will also have an intermittent BSNL connection in Nubra and Pangong. The clarity of the voice will be extremely poor, but you can at least send text messages, if necessary. For more information on this topic, read Mobile services in Leh and other areas of Ladakh.

Ladakh is open in June

Yes Ladakh is definitely open in June. Most hotels and inns are functional at this point and several other activities related to tourism would also have started. Bicycle rental agencies, taxis and public transport services are also available. Internal roads in Ladakh leading to the Nubra valley, Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri are also open. Once you get to Leh, you will have no problem finding a place to stay or heading to other areas of Ladakh to wander around.

Srinagar to Leh in june

The Srinagar Leh highway in June remains open and fully operational. The road usually opens in late April or early May, and when June arrives, the entire route is completely stable. The traffic regulations in Zojila, however, may still remain in effect, so check the transit times before starting your journey; or you may be asked to wait on the road for several hours. The chances of finding snow on the road, however, will be limited only in Zojila. The snow elsewhere would have melted by June. The condition of the road, however, would be a mix of good and medium. The worst part will be limited around Zojila due to all the mud caused by melting snow.

Manali to Leh in june

The Manali Leh highway in June is definitely open; but the exact opening date depends a lot on the weather. For example, in 2017, due to heavy snowfall, the route remained closed until the second week of June. On the other hand, it opened in May in 2018, as there was very little snow. In all likelihood, however, if you were traveling after June 10; the Manali Leh highway will definitely be open.

Be aware that, as the road would have just opened; it will not be in really good condition. BRO will continue to work on the highway to stabilize it, which may result in temporary blockages. In early June, the road can sometimes be closed for even a day or two, depending on the damage. A better way to travel to Ladakh in June would be to go through Srinagar and return through Manali; thus allowing more time for the route to be stable. The chances of finding snow will be in several places, but are higher in Rohtang La or Baralacha La.

Manali to Leh Bus in june

There are two types of buses available between Manali and Leh. The first is operated by HRTC and the other by HPTDC. The HRTC Bus may be available in the month of June, but only after the 15th. It could also start earlier, but the chances of that happening are very rare. These are regular buses that run between Manali and Keylong and Keylong and Leh. On the other hand, the HPTDC bus is a luxury one, but it only starts after July 1st. For more information on the topic, see Manali to Leh Bus Service.

Weather in Ladakh in june

The weather in Ladakh in june will be pleasant enough. Summer has come and the days will be hot, but the nights are definitely still cold. The temperature ranges from a pleasant 15 ° C to 20 ° C during the day, but drops close to 5 ° C at night. However, even during the day, the breeze still carries the winter chill and you can feel the sting if you stay in the shade for a long time.

Clothes to wear in Leh Ladakh in June

Your regular cotton, some light woolen clothes, gloves and a thick, wind-resistant jacket are what you’ll need when visiting Ladakh in June. The trick is to bring clothes that you can wear in layers. There will be a big difference in temperature during the day and at night. The sun will be quite harsh, while the wind calms down, so your clothes also change accordingly. One moment you will be feeling hot and the next you will be cold when you step in the shade. Therefore, you need to bring clothes that can be used or removed one by one in layers, for your comfort. Do not bring all your thick wool.

Leh Ladakh bike tour in June

June is definitely a great time to take a bike trip to Leh Ladakh. The weather will be great, all roads will remain open, there will not be many people around and there will not be many streams of water to cross. If you were going on the Manali Leh road in early June, it would be best to do so on a motorcycle. A temporary closure at the beginning of the month is not uncommon; and if that happens, riding a bike sometimes becomes a lot easier than riding a car.

Public transportation

As it is only the beginning of the tourist season, the availability of public transport may not be as good in the first half of June.

  • The bus from Srinagar to Leh will start sometime in early June.
  • Manali to Leh Bus in June: HRTC Bus will resume around 10 June; The HPTDC bus will begin after June 15.
  • Delhi to Leh will begin on June 15th.

However, this depends a lot on the opening dates and road conditions and the weather. All of Ladakh’s internal buses, however, are well operational throughout June. Shared taxis are also functional, except for the first few days on the Manali Leh route.

Road conditions in Ladakh in june

The road through Srinagar would have already opened in late April or early May and remains a mix of good and average. The worst part of that road is around Zojila; and in June, we expect to find mud on that stretch. The snow would already have started to melt here and there will be many flows of mud and water caused by it.

The Manali Leh highway will be in its worst condition as the road has just been opened. In the first few days, everything will still be fine, but as the snow will start to melt, water flows and mud will also become common. Temporary closures may occur as BRO works to stabilize the road. If you were planning to visit Ladakh in June, a better way would be to go through Srinagar and back through Manali.

After reaching Leh, the roads towards Nubra, Pangong and Tso Moriri will be a mix of good and medium. Bad sections will be limited to the top of Khardung La and Chang La. The presence of snow and water currents created by melting them will also be abundant on these routes.

Accommodation options

You will have no trouble finding a place to stay on the Srinagar Leh route or in Ladakh. All hotels and inns are fully operational and you will easily find accommodation to suit your taste and budget. Camp sites in Sarchu, Pang and elsewhere on the route from Manali to Leh, however, may not be available in the first half of June. As the road opens in June, these camps are only operational after the 15th.

Why visit Ladakh in June

The first question that comes to mind is why visit Ladakh in June? I mentioned earlier in the post that it is one of the best times to be in Ladakh and let me explain why.

The biggest reason would be that there will not be many tourists if you are traveling in early June. Gone are the days when Ladakh used to be a place where there weren’t many people. In high tourist season, even this part of the country can now feel a little crowded. However, the rush starts to increase in late June or early July and it will not seem very busy if you are traveling there in the first half of June.

The second reason would be that the roads would be slightly better than they would be in July. Snow wouldn’t start to melt that much in June, so there won’t be much mud or waterways to cross. The risk of monsoons as well and resulting landslides is almost non-existent in June. As the tourist season has just begun, you have a better chance of getting a good deal on accommodation. The famous snow walls in high altitude passages will still be there. The surrounding peaks will still have a lot of snow and will have an excellent view against the arid brown of Ladakh and the deep blue of the sky.

Ladakh in June in the first week

If you were planning to travel to Ladakh in the first week of June, you must get there by Srinagar Leh road. Depending on the total number of days and your itinerary, you can choose to return via Manali. This, however, is the only applicable clause. In addition, you are free to travel to all areas, as Ladakh will be completely open for tourism-related activities.

Ladakh in late June

Ladakh at the end of June means that the tourist season is in full swing; the weather is warm enough and thousands of people have traveled there. You can choose to go by motorcycle or fly or take public transport and you will have no problem. If you went by plane, you can easily find taxis or motorbikes available for rent.

Ladakh temperature in june

The temperature in Ladakh in June will vary widely. The temperature of the day will remain around 25 to 30 degrees and will drop to around 10 to 15 degrees at night. However, no matter how hot it is, you will continue to feel a certain chill in the wind all the time.