If a cruise to either Ladakh or Zanskar Valley was on your affairs for this year; and you aswell advised to hire a auto en route, again mentioned beneath is the a lot of contempo account of Zanskar Valley Auto Rates. Fares apparent beneath cover money that you will pay to get to Zanskar Valley from Kargil and again renting a cab in Padum for bounded sightseeing. If the images of the amount account beneath are not clear, amuse save it to your harder deejay and zoom in to be able to apprehend clearly. I will aswell add the ante for some of the accepted routes actuality in the column as a quick reference.

Please agenda that the account beneath does not cover the money you will pay to get to Kargil from either Leh or Srinagar. The acumen abaft this is the altered unions of cab operators in all these areas and the disputes a part of them. A lot of important affair to bethink if traveling to Ladakh or Zanskar is that the bounded auto unions actuality accept the absolute arena divided; and they do not acquiesce a auto from addition commune to ply on their routes. So in adjustment to appointment Zanskar Valley and sightseeing there, you will accept to hire a cab from Kargil Auto Union. But in adjustment to ability Kargil, you will accept to hire a cab from either Ladakh or Srinagar auto union. Sounds bulky and expensive? I agree.

Taxi Rules

In a nutshell, a auto busy in Kargil cannot be acclimated for sightseeing in Ladakh or Kashmir. Similarly, a auto busy in Ladakh cannot be acclimated in Kargil, Zanskar, and Kashmir. A Srinagar busy cab cannot be acclimated for sightseeing in Zanskar or Ladakh. So for example, if you were advancing from Srinagar and busy a cab there, this cab can alone bead you to either Kargil or Ladakh. But to appointment any bounded attractions in these places, you will accept to get a locally registered cab of the abutment there. Similarly, a Ladakh busy auto can alone bead you to either Kargil or Srinagar but cannot appearance you around. This is a altercation absolutely but there is absolutely no advantage or way to plan about this.

Please apprehend Leh Ladakh Auto Ante 2019 to apperceive how abundant you will pay for a cab from Leh to Srinagar; and Srinagar Auto Ante 2019 to apperceive the fares from Srinagar to Kargil.

Zanskar Auto Services

There are three types of Auto accessible for hire in Kargil and their fares too are different.

XUV and Innova abatement in Class 1 and are the a lot of big-ticket of the lot.

Second class consists of Xylo, Scorpio, Tavera, and Qualis. The book for this class is hardly beneath than the aboriginal Category.

The cheapest taxis accessible are Sumo and Bolero

There are no hatchbacks and Sedans accessible for rent. Even admitting the fares for these SUVs are different, the allowance is not absolutely huge and they will amount you about the same.


Kargil to Zanskar Auto Fare

After you accept accustomed in Kargil, you will again hire a cab to get to your adapted destination in Zanskar Valley. Book will depend on your destination and blazon of the cab you choose.

Route     Drop     Return

Kargil to Padum Auto Book (1 Day )     14,765     19,637

Kargil to Padum Auto Book (2 Days)     17,546     23,683

Kargil to Rangdum Auto Book (1 Day ) 9,530

Kargil to Rangdum Auto Book (2 Days)     12,276

Kargil to Sankoo     1,364     1,818

Kargil to Panikhar     2,285      3,046

Kargil to Parkachik     3,308     5,720

Kargil to Purtikchey      1,773     2,364

Zanskar Valley Sightseeing Auto Rates

After you accept accustomed in Zanskar Valley, you will again accept to hire addition cab in Padum to appearance you around. In all probability, the drive who brought you to Padum from Kargil will not be accustomed for sightseeing. But do allocution about this with him afore you alpha from Kargil. Since it is the aforementioned auto union, sometimes these guys accept contacts and can drive about in Zanskar Valley as well.

Below is the book account that you will accept to pay for hiring a cab in Padum.

Route     Return Fare

Padum to Anmo     5,000

Padum to Karsha, Zangla, Stongdey     5,760

Padum to Stongdey, Zangla, Pipiting     4,300

Kargil to Hanumil     5,000